Palmer's Village Cafe
Palmer's Village Cafe - Homepage
Palmer's Village Cafe - Homepage
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  • French Toast
  • Brunch
  • blueberry pancakes
  • Breakfast and lunch all day
  • classic eggs benedict

A Restaurant in Saint Simons Island, Georgia


Welcome to Palmer's Village Cafe.

Behind a weathered door two blocks from the Village shoreline is a place that looks like it could be one of the SSI’s best kept secrets.

But there are few secrets in St. Simons, and Palmer knows half of them (and whom to ask about the rest).

And EVERYONE knows about Palmer’s Village Cafe, or learns when they ask where to eat.

On any given day in the village locals and travelers from around the world relax in a relaxed atmosphere free of pretension and enjoy unique southern coastal creations from five-star/five-diamond chef John Belechak.