Take Some Home

Because guests have been asking us from our opening day in 2011, we're happy to say that three Palmer's Village Cafe faves are now available to take back home, wherever home may be.

Ask your server or stop in and ask the first person you see for Mary's Chicken Salad, Palmer's Pimento Cheese, or the World Famous Tomato Jam. We'll hook you up before you can say, "More crackers."

Every dish has a story. 

tasty salad

Tomato is Our Jam

There's no argument here over whether or not condiments qualify as food. You eat it. It's food. One bite of Palmer's tomato jam will make you wonder where it's been all your life. Country feel meets uptown flavor and now you can take some home. You're gonna need a bigger suitcase.

pasta salad

Mary's Magical Chix Salad

Chef JB may have been on the culinary team for the G-8 Summit, but it's wife Mary that has the recipe for chicken salad that makes people feel like royalty. Her chicken salad features chunky chicken with sundried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers and basil. 

tasty salad

Pimento Cheese

Palmer's legendary Pimento Cheese comes from an original recipe and magical cheddar from cows that live charmed lives.  

If you order it, you may end up skipping the rest of your meal and asking for all the crakers in St. Simons. We get it. That's why it's now available for take out in 10-ounce servings.